Cincotta Chemist

Cincotta Chemist is a chemist whose focus has always been to provide value products and quality care since 1952. Cincotta’s unique selling points include:

The Brief

Cincotta Chemist recognised that they were being left behind by their competitors in the highly competitive digital world of online pharmacies. They approached Netstarter to deliver them an eCommerce solution that would provide them with the right platform to compete and excel in this space. They requested a solution that would handle the fast growing rate of tablet and smart phone traffic. In addition they needed a solution that would handle the highly regulated and functionally complex process of handling prescription products.

The Solution

The platform decision to use Magento was the first step in the process. Secondly Netstarter looked to develop a responsive site for tablets to large desktop devices. A specific smart-phone interface was created as well. The various device oriented designs all focused on emphasising Cincotta’s value pricing model.

Netstarter migrated their existing proprietary solutions data across including product, customer and order information. In addition various data feeds were setup with 3rd party bodies to ensure pricing was kept up to date for the various pharmaceuticals.

A user-centric prescription process was also custom developed for Cincotta to maximise the ease of purchasing prescription products by reducing the number of steps to checkout with prescription items.

Various other standard features are also included such as a store locator, deep-integration with an EDM platform, notifications when items are available again etc.