Paid Media

Netstarter's Paid Media experts will work with your marketing team to fully understand your business and your objectives and will create comprehensive Paid Media campaigns that turn visitors into customers. We help you to create advertising campaigns that reach the right audience with the right insightful message.

What we do?

Paid Search and Shopping Campaigns  

Paid Search and shopping campaigns with Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising.

If you are an online or brick and mortar store, people are searching for products and information throughout the entire decision-making process. They are searching to learn more about a product, compare prices and to find out where to buy products. 

We make sure to combine powerful best practices, creativity and technology to drive the best performance for our clients. 

Social Media Advertising

Social Media advertising on the platforms that are most relevant for your customers, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn.

No matter if you want to build your audience, drive awareness or increase sales and revenue we provide the right audience targeting, messaging, and testing strategy combined with data-driven optimisation that will help you to achieve your objectives.  

Performance Driven Display

Performance driven Display advertising that goes beyond brand awareness and helps to achieve your business goals. 

Video Advertising 

Video advertising, that help to get your videos in front of people that matter most.

Video can be a powerful format to provide users the right information to improve the customer journey. Not only can it be used to drive awareness and demand for products but also to provide users the right information to increase sales. 


Audits that provide detailed insights on the overall health of your SEM account as well as highlighting improvement opportunities and actions to be taken.

Our Approach

Data Inspired Campaigns

Research and data-driven insights are the foundation of our campaigns. We understand the market situation, trends and influencing factors and use these to build creative campaigns that make you stand out from your competition.

Audience Definition

Do you know the right audience for your business objectives? We can assist with finding the right audience and help target these across Search, Social and Display.

Powerful Messaging 

Our expert team will define a messaging strategy that fits the user's browsing intention within each channel and that will help drive performance while providing value to the user. 

User-Centric Optimisation

User experience and performance is the foundation of what we do. Campaigns and accounts are setup according to best practices to ensure the highest quality and cost efficiency. In doing so we help to attract the right audience, give them the right experience and generate the best return for you.

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