The Brief

Venroy is a high end boutique label specializing in male beach resort wear. They have leveraged the Australian beach lifestyle and built their brand through relationships with Nordstrom and high end hotel boutiques in the US and Europe. Their long-term strategy is to build an online presence that drives consumer direct purchases worldwide.


Venroy started as a wholesale business selling through major retailers like Nordstrom’s and high-end hotel boutiques. The company quickly lost control of their brand and customer experience as they tried to fit into an existing supply chain model. Their initial web site was built on older technology and highlighted the boutiques they partnered with to generate their wholesale business. Based on the confines of the wholesale business model, Venroy made a strategic shift to focus solely on a consumer direct model. Core to this strategy are their new online and physical stores.

The existing site was difficult to manage and maintain and couldn’t scale to support their online growth. The new site, built on Magento 2, is consumer focused with the goal of getting website visitors to buy direct online or through their new physical store. Magento 2 gives them complete control over the shopping experience and lets them tell their story and communicate directly with customers.


Venroy selected Magento 2 based on a strategic recommendation from NetStarter. Venroy needed to future-proof their site to ensure they can take advantage of the latest functionality to drive business growth. They wanted a platform that can scale, perform and deliver the kind of customer experience they envision. Magento 2’s high-performance architecture and support for standalone databases for order management, the catalog, and checkout give them the page load speed they desired right out-of-the box and a strong foundation to handle future growth.

Magento 2 gives Venroy more control over every aspect of their site and the ultimate customer experience.

Magento 2 supported critical features out-of-the box including responsive design, global versioning, integrations with email and social media applications, faceted search and site search, and optimized checkout for guests and registered users using Braintree and PayPal. The ability for Venroy to leverage so many built-in features enabled them to create a powerful and compelling online experience in a very short timeframe (less than 2.5 months.)

"Magento 2 has played an important role in helping us reclaim our brand and reconnect with our customers. We are now empowered with all the tools we need to execute our strategy and build a direct relationship with our customers.” - Sean Venturi, Founder"